The Feral Health Template

Here’s my dietary template this season: high fat, moderate protein, lower carbohydrate, hold the bread, low toxin, no processed foods, morning coffee, less beer, more wine/whiskey/tequila, zero refined sugar, extra honey, chocolate rewards, unpasteurized dairy, cultured foods daily, androgenic/anabolic herbs and supplements for peak mental and athletic performance.007

Embrace the Cold

Finishing showers on COLD is one of my favorite health practices I’ve adopted this year. Hot water makes your skin loose and saggy while cold water tightens the skin and makes it taught.

Heat expands, cold contracts.

Start your showers hot and do all of your washing needs, then finish with a COLD blast. You can train your skin and nerve force to handle the cold better in the shower just like you can train your muscles at the gym. You’ll leave the shower with a rush of energy, warmth, and strong skin!

Barefoot Fitness

I had another epic barefoot running/stretching workout in the sunshine at Bryan Park this afternoon!

Barefoot training on soft grass is an excellent complement to any exercise program as there are numerous physiological and muscular benefits from taking your flawlessly designed foot (more than 26 bones, 33 joints, and over a hundred tendons, ligaments, and muscles) out of the modern shoe’s rubber cast and returning it to the earth with full articulation and movement. You can really strengthen your frame by toning up these little muscles that would otherwise be stuck in the shoe not being able to articulate fully.

When you run barefoot your gait naturally shortens and you land on the balls of your feet first (going toe to heel), rather than having your entire weight slam down on your heels (heel to toe). Now am I recommending you go out sprinting barefoot on the street cutting your foot on glass and stepping in dog shit? No. Be sensible.

Find a park or your backyard with soft grass and move around a bit! Try it. You might really like it!