10 Restorative Sleep Tips

Always tired?

Sleep deprivation is such a chronic condition these days that you might not even realize you suffer from it.

Try these sleep tips.

1. Create a sleep sanctuary. Sleep in complete darkness or as closely to possible.  Turn off all electronics in your room and preferably, unplug them so their electromagnetic field turns off as well.

The smallest bit of ambient can disrupt your bodies internal clock and your pineal gland’s production of melatonin (the hormone that regulates circadian rhythms) and serotonin (the feel good hormone).

2.  Get blackout drapes.  This is building on sleep tip number one, but it’s extremely important in the modern world because we’re up later than ever because of technology, computers, TV, etc. causing us to wake up later in the morning than we normally would.

By having blackout drapes we can prevent the bits of sunlight sneaking through your windows then passing directly through our optic nerve to your hypothalamus, which controls your biological clock.

This ambient light signals your brain that it’s time to wake up which kills your melatonin production which needs to be consolidated, concentrated, and high at night.

When you lower your melatonin secretion at night, and you’re exposed to unnatural florescent indoor lighting at day, it allows melatonin to be continually secreted during the day making you tired.  This bad cycle further lowers the production of melatonin at night.  Studies show that women who have light on at night have significantly higher rates of breast cancer.

In the morning, you want to have really bright natural light to stop the melatonin production, so that your serotonin production and other hormones get produced more naturally and effectively.  When you have low levels of serotonin, you feel lousy.  It’s all about balancing the hormones: natural light during the day and complete darkness during the day.

3.  Turn off your cell phone!  Or, at least turn on the Airplane Mode function.                            This is one of my tips that I consistently get positive feedback from.  It gives you piece of mind! No one needs to contact you in the middle of the night.

Respect your need for a full deep, restorative sleep.  Turning your phone on Airplane Mode dramatically decreases the biological clock disturbing EMF’s by cutting off your phones connection to cellphone towers and WiFi connections.

Most of us iPhone users need a full charge at night to have the battery last a full day.  Make sure you have your phone charging away from your head by having it plugged in on the other side of the room from where you’re sleeping, not on your nightstand no matter how conveniently placed it may be.

4.  Remove your alarm clock/cellphone from view. It will only add to your worry when you stare at it all night.  3am…4am…5am…quit stressing out!  The tiniest glow even from an alarm clock can disrupt your melatonin secretion. Go to sleep!

5.  Supplement with high quality Melatonin.  High quality is the key here.  There are tons of sleepaids and different melatonin products on the markets.  I don’t like most of them for a variety of reasons.

In the pill form they are often bound with nasty excipients like animal-based fillers like Magnesium Sterate or the gritty Calcium Carbonate which is rough on the joints and creates arterial plague.

I also find that taking something right before bed in the pill form is difficult because you have to find some water to swallow with it, then you have to pee because of drinking before bed!

The melatonin product that comes highly recommended from myself and my mother is Mercola’s Sleep Support Spray which has a tasty proprietary neuro blend of GABA (reduces excessive brain activity), L-Theanine (the calming green tea chemical), L-Tryptophan (source material for sleep hormone conversion), and Melatonin (the hormone that regulates circadian rhythms).

Melatonin actually breaks down bad estrogen.  Insomnia has A LOT to do with bad estrogen.

L-Tryptophan to 5-HTP to Serotonin conversion

6. Increase L-tryptophan in your diet!  L-tryptophan is needed for your melatonin and serotonin production.  You always want the source material.  Not a synthetic derivative.  L-trytophan breaks down into the other hormones listed above.  Important Feral Health Gem!  L-tryptopahn is the the most heat sensitive amino acid so you can only get it from RAW protein in your diet. 

Foods highest in L-tryptophan that should be eaten RAW are eggs, spirulina, cheese, meat, and fish.

So find that RAW protein that works for you.  If you’re a vegan try spirulina, chlorella, and hempseed.

If your leanings are vegetarian go for RAW cheeses and milk products from grass-fed animals.  Since most people are averse to RAW eggs, I’m not, grass-fed dairy products are super important.

7.  Rule: The less you eat the more you need to sleep.  The more you eat the more you need to sleep.  After dinner in the evening, you aren’t hungry.  You’re thirsty!  Drink a calming and grounding gynostemma based tea with Duanwood Reishi Mushroom extract and Pearl Powder.

Avoid before-bed snacks, particularly grains and sugars. These will raise your blood sugar and delay sleep. Later, when blood sugar drops too low (hypoglycemia), you may wake up and be unable to fall back asleep.

Do you eat lots of carbohydrates and sugars at night, get super hyperactive, take a while to fall asleep, then you wake bloated, puffy, inflamed, and groggy in the morning? This is candida becoming systemic.  This sets up chronic fatigue where no matter how long you sleep, you never feel rested.  If this is your case, you have to read the The Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates.

8. Wear socks to bed. Feet often feel cold before the rest of the body because they have the poorest circulation. A study has shown that wearing socks to bed reduces night waking.
9.  Read by candlelight.  Like it’s 1776! This is a great way to really chill your brain out with some uplifting reading before bed.  It’s really fun to follow the flickering light along your page.

Beeswax candles put off a golden light that makes everyone look better than they look in regular white light.

Candlelight is way dimmer than nightlights which helps the transition to closing your eyes and falling asleep be easier.

10.  Exercise.  What doesn’t exercise help, anyway?  When you exert yourself physically you begin to honor your body’s need for restoration.  You sleep earlier so that you can perform better the next day.  It’s a positive feedback loop.


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